May my words encourage families walking through periods of transition, in particular expat women.

I want readers to turn to my site for grace filled perspective and hope for the overwhelmed expat, for tips on travel and adjusting. May my words help readers offer grace to self and to their family members when the most basic daily activities threaten to overwhelm.”

I wrote these words as a purpose statement for this blog.

About eight months ago, as we were preparing for an international move, I felt an urgency to write. I’d been thinking of blogging for ages. 

I so wanted to write. To sort my thoughts. To have a project and creative outlet of my own. One thing not tied to a place. Something I didn’t need to leave behind when we move.

So, I started writing and thinking. I read here that every blog needs a purpose statement. I wrote one. I have continued writing, posting almost weekly.

I again find myself preparing for an international move. I articulated my reason for blogging this week for this course. I discovered I’d drifted off purpose. Already.

It’s fascinating how quickly that happens. I set out in a direction and a pretty bird flies by and I follow it and pretty soon I’m all turned around. I’m not walking the path I set out on. I’ve wandered off course.

Here is more of my original purpose statement:

“May my readers leave my site feeling less alone, less overwhelmed, and with a renewed confidence that God is with them and He is enough.  May we learn from each other and be able to laugh at ourselves together.

After reading my posts, may readers pack a little lighter, worry a little less, enjoy the journey a little more, and be inspired again to engage the culture and community outside their door.

I am obsessed with living in the place we find ourselves, as a family. Modelling immersion, learning, engaging. (Even as I fall way short of my own expectations.)

I am (we are) expert in packing, planning, long haul flights, airport layovers, parenting cross culture.”

Recently, I have hyper focused on a single sentence: “I am obsessed with living in the place we find ourselves”. I turned this into a broad sweeping philosophy of being present where we are. That is not a bad philosophy. “Don’t worry about tomorrow, each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Jesus)

Being present is absolutely good. But it’s too big. It’s a message that is for everybody, everywhere.

It doesn’t speak to my people, the people I hope this blog will connect with and help.

And so, I’m recalibrating. I’m remembering that overwhelmed expat mom who I have been (and sometimes still am). That overwhelmed mom who might be you.  That’s who I want to write to.

I want to offer her an encouraging word or a helpful tip. I want to make today a little more sane for her. To buoy her up when she’s drowning in overwhelm from too much transition. Too much new. Too much to learn. Too many emotions. Too much effort.

If that’s you, I’d love to hear from you!

I will be working on a free resource soon and I’d love to hear what interests you most?

  • Tips for plane travel (for big moves, with kids).
  • Tips for road trips.
  • Help in adjustment periods, especially cross cultural.
  • Reflections on parenting and living in other cultures.

Please let me know in the comments. (A proper response form is coming soon. When I’m less overwhelmed!)


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