Home Again, Home Again: Here’s What to Expect

You’ve anticipated this moment. Your people are here, expecting you with open arms. After months or years away, you are coming home!


Now you can just slip back into all that is familiar. Except all that is no longer familiar.

Do not make this mistake: Expecting life at home to be exactly as you remember it will make for one rough ride.

Thinking through your expectations and experiences can help ease the transition to life at home. Today, let’s talk expectations. Here are 8 things you should see coming: Read more


Make Reverse Culture Shock Less Shocking: 7 Simple Steps

Just as astronauts endure tremendous impact when re-entering the earth’s atmosphere, re-entering your own culture can make you wonder what hit you.

The first time I moved back home from abroad, I was unnerved by how poorly I fit in my own life. I’d been eager to get back home. Homesick, even. Yet I landed to find the place I’d always called home no longer felt like home.

pexels-photo-165884 home

There are ways to ease the transition to life at home. I’ve learned what to expect. Here’s how our family is preparing as our re-entry to Canadian life approaches (for the third time): Read more