Keeping Up with Your English

Many of you kindly shared with me your challenges recently, and educational resources for kids rose to the top. If you missed this, I’d love to hear from you too. I’m asking what topics are most relevant to you and what challenges are most bothering you, so as to better focus my writing to meet the needs of my readers. You can let me know here.

I will post a few times this week in order to share some of the resources we’ve found helpful in these areas: English, Math & Science, Observation & Social Sciences, Travel as an education.

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How Not to Book Last Minute Travel

When my husband’s grandfather passed away, we were living in Argentina. There was no question whether he would travel home for the funeral. We just had to decide how many of the five of us would make the trip. And we had to decide fast.

We don’t live near an international airport – on either end. With the very best connections, travel time from our home in rural Argentina to our Canadian home is 20 hours. Many routes take closer to 30 hours in transit.

This left us with less than 12 hours to book flights and get on a plane.

Just three hours before takeoff, my husband and girls were in a cab, en route to the airport. I was on the phone, still trying to get their flights confirmed.

This was our first time booking international travel in such a hurry. It was intense. Here are a few things we learned:

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