Honor Your Limits

Blonde girl on a swing. Wooden swing set in a green field with rugged, steep, grey mountains in the background.
Give yourself permission to process and rest as you familiarize yourself with a new environment and build new relationships. Photo credit Ales Krivec on Unsplash.

When a virus damaged Wayne Muller’s heart, the “crushing exhaustion” left him precious little energy between naps. He had to choose between reading or speaking, eating or going to the bathroom. While less dramatic, a new environment demands more cognitive and emotional energy than a familiar one. When you feel exhausted with little to show for your efforts, recognize that your load is heavier during this period of transition. This isn’t the time to bite off big new goals, it’s time to honor your own limits. Read more


Why Finding Yourself is Easier Away from Home

A change of view and routine can change the way we see ourselves.

What if our memory books said less about baby teeth and more about our child’s true self?

The transition to a new hometown or country can be a special time for reflection and family connection. We are abruptly freed from commitments, social and occupational labels that have long defined us. In their absence, we can sit with our kids and notice what makes them tick. We might also decide some of our own labels would best be left behind. Read more