Hi, I’m Colleen, a wife and mom of four. I’m a fan of dark chocolate, road trips, volleyball, travel, books, and the great outdoors.

My husband and I have made six international moves in a little over eight years. We started out with two little ones and now have four kiddos. South Korea, South America, Southern New Brunswick – which is not south at all, being next to the state of Maine.

We have parented through more than a few periods of transition – sometimes with grace. And sometimes not.

We joke that our hobby is relocation. In fact, we’ve become expert in packing, planning, boarding planes, buying coffee via charades, navigating new towns, and making our home together. Wherever we are.

I have certainly learned a few things along the way. This space is for sharing some of those things so you might learn from our experiences. I’ll share:

  • truths that help me resurface when I’m drowning in overwhelm
  • insights that remind me of what matters
  • tips that help me stay sane and enjoy the journey
  • reflections on cross-cultural living, faith, and family that still my heart when my mind has been spinning.

Living in another culture is a privilege and an adventure. My hope is that you’ll find some things here that help you to transition well so you can engage in living your best expat life, wherever you are.

Prepare a little better. Pack a little lighter. Enjoy the journey a little more.

Thanks for dropping by. I’d love to hear from you.

Living well wherever we are. To your inbox.

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