Seasons of transition are exciting and overwhelming. As an expat mom, my four kids have learned to walk on three different continents. Some days, our family has navigated this nomadic expat life with grace. Other days, not so much.

Our challenge is to live here. Where we are now.

To be present in this community, even while planning for the next move or missing where we left.

The challenge is to live here, where we are, in real life, even while missing somewhere else.


Living in another culture, away from the familiar, presents a certain set of challenges. Perhaps you’ve also felt:

How adapting to a new culture can be isolating and so much work. You know it’s important to get out and meet real life friends, but it feels easier to fill your social calendar with Skype calls.

How intimidating it can be to use your new language.

How exciting, yet disorienting, it is to find yourself in such a foreign place. Even grocery shopping is a feat.

How scary it feels to let your kids visit friends when you understand only half of what is said.

How living in another culture changes you and your family. You see the world differently. You question the unstated values of your own culture. And all these good things can mean the move back to “home” has its own rocky patches.


Sometimes your head wants to fly off on a new adventure before your plane actually lifts off.

That challenge is not unique to us expat types. We all have times when we’d rather check out and escape our lives for a bit. So, this is a space for sharing:

  • truths that help me resurface when I’m drowning in overwhelm,
  • insights that remind me of what matters in the long run,
  • resources for travel planning and educating kiddos along the way,
  • travel tips that help me stay sane and enjoy the journey (even with toddlers!),
  • reflections, usually about God, that still my heart when my mind is spinning.

I hope you’ll join me.

Let’s pack a little lighter, prepare a little better, enjoy the journey a little more, and be present wherever we find ourselves today.

Living well wherever we are. To your inbox.

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